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Company: Daniel Little Tree Service
Contact: Dan
Phone: (724) 588-3240
 Animal Shelter
Company: Strayhaven, Inc.
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-6161
Notes: 94 Donation Road
Company: Bubble Bear Car Wash
Contact: Manager
Notes: 60-A Hadley Road

Company: Cianci's Tire Center
Contact: Paul or Rick Cianci
Title: Owners
Phone: (724) 588-6096
Web Address:
Discount: See Website for details
Notes: 40 Williamson Road, across from Wal-Mart

Company: Frank R. Crash Auto Wrecking
Contact: Frank R. Crash
Title: Owner
Phone: (724) 588-9392
Web Address:
Notes: See Website for more details. 2 Store locations at 480 Mercer Road and 31 Conneaut Lake Road. Parts Search on website

Company: Gordon's Auto Sales
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-6443
Web Address:
Notes: See Website for inventory, finance information and more information on the area's finest pre-owned vehicles.

Company: Lakeland Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Contact: Bill Sumners
Title: Sales
Phone: (724) 588-8100
Web Address:
Notes: See website for specials and inventory of new/used cars

Company: Leo's Auto Service
Contact: Leo Smith
Phone: (724) 588-6711
Notes: 52 Quartermile Road

Company: McCrea & Haag Auto Service
Contact: Larry McCrea
Phone: (724) 588-3544
Notes: 33 Hadley Road (8th Avenue Side)

Company: Precision Automotive
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-2225
Notes: 195 Hadley Road
Company: Anderson Financial Services
Contact: Office Manger
Phone: (724) 588-8777
Notes: 33 Hadley Road

Company: Bessemer System Federal Credit Union
Contact: Joy Peterson
Phone: (724) 588-6119
Web Address:
Notes: Bessemer System Federal Credit Union Your Community Credit Union Open to all who live, work, worship, or attend school in Mercer County, PA

Company: Campbell-Sherbondy CPA's
Contact: Robert Sherbondy
Phone: (724) 588-6030
Web Address:
Notes: 108 Woodfield Drive Quality. Service. Ethics. At Campbell & Sherbondy CPA's, those words represent our commitment to our clients. We're committed to providing quality work in a timely manner. When you choose Campbell & Sherbondy CPA's for your tax and accounting needs, you receive a level of service that exceeds your expectations. We value the trust you place in us, and we will work to continue to earn your trust and your business every day. Please take some time to visit our site. If you'd like more information about our firm or our services, or if you have a question, please contact us.

Company: Edward D. Jones & Co.
Contact: Bill Treharne
Title: Financial Advisor
Phone: (724) 589-0960
Web Address:
Notes: 8 Greenville Plaza, See website or call Bill for more details

Company: First National Bank of PA
Contact: Bank Manager
Phone: (724) 589-6740
Web Address:
Notes: 51 Hadley Road, see website for more details

Company: PNC Bank
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-2411
Web Address:
Notes: Hadley Road, Greenville Plaza East
Company: Bethel Life Worship Center
Contact: Kent Bell
Title: Pastor
Phone: (724) 589-5433
Web Address:
Notes: 246 South Mercer Street

Company: Grace Baptist Church
Contact: Pastor
Phone: (724) 588-5520
Notes: 101 Donation Road

Company: Greenville Alliance Church
Contact: Jerry Hunter
Title: Interim Pastor
Phone: (724) 588-7167
Web Address:
Notes: 63 Conneaut Lake Road, see website for more details

Company: New Beginnings Christian Church
Contact: Pastor Tom
Phone: (724) 588-1276
Notes: 73 Hamburg Road

Company: Word of Life Christian Center
Contact: Pastor
Phone: (724) 588-2130
Web Address:
Notes: 127 Wasser Road, Bringing hope, help and healing to a world in need.
Company: Gary L Polkabla
Contact: Gary L Polkabla
Phone: (724) 588-3163
Notes: 215 St. Glory Road

Company: George Kusich Construction
Contact: George
Phone: (724) 588-1193
Notes: 382 Fredonia Road

Company: TNR Supply
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-2323
Notes: 146 College Avenue

Company: Williams Restoration
Contact: Tim
Phone: (724) 588-6884
Company: Hempfield Elementary School
Contact: Secretary
Phone: (724) 588-1018
Notes: 60 Fredonia Road
 Emergency Services
Company: Hempfield Township VFD
Contact: Volunteer
Phone: (724) 588-6001
Notes: In case of emergency, call 9-1-1. 20 Sixth Avenue

Company: Life Force of Western PA
Contact: Dave/Keith
Phone: (724) 589-0661
Notes: 35 6th Avenue. Emergency and non-emergency transportation services.
Company: Celebrity Bowl
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-5220
Notes: 314 Mercer Road

Company: Greens of Greenville
Contact: Dan or Kirt
Title: Club Professionals
Phone: (724) 588-5030
Web Address:
Notes: See website for golf packages and specials

Company: VFW
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-9891
Notes: 54 Conneaut Lake Road
Company: Anytime Fitness
Contact: Cory Sicke
Title: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-8020
Notes: 25 Williamson Road, Suite 102, Greenville, PA
 Flea Market
Company: Lisa's Indoor Flea Market
Contact: Lisa Hamil
Notes: 100 Hadley Road, Greenville Plaza East Ste. 12
 Health Care
Company: Central Blood Bank
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-2169
Notes: 100 Hadley Road (Greenville Plaza West, Unit 2)

Company: CMPT Associates
Contact: L. Richard Powers
Phone: (724) 588-9680
Notes: 4 Greenville Orthopedic Center, CMPT Associates was founded for the purpose of providing quality, convenient, and cost effective physical therapy care.

Company: Connect Hearing
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) ___-____
Notes: 109 Woodfield Drive, Ste 104

Company: Dr's. Bost & Manganello
Contact: Dentists
Phone: (724) 588-3012
Notes: 126 College Avenue

Company: Dr. Bruce Abbott
Contact: Dr. Abbott
Phone: (724) 588-6160
Notes: 110 Woodfield Drive

Company: Dr. John Reimold
Contact: Optometrist
Phone: (724) 588-3322
Notes: 59 Hadley Road

Company: Dr. Ryan D. Snyder
Contact: Dr. Ryan Snyder
Phone: (724) 588-1044
Notes: 5 Callahan Road

Company: Duane Gruber, DDS
Contact: Dentist
Phone: (724) 588-9520

Company: Greenville Orthopedic Association
Contact: Office Manager
Phone: (724) 588-7250
Web Address:
Notes: Our surgeons specialize in the treatment of osteoarthritis by utilizing and offering a variety of treatment options such as Joint Fluid Therapy for Osteoarthritis of the Knee. If total joint replacement is required our surgeons specialize and are the only ones in the area to perform Mini Incision Knee Surgery. In addition our surgeons are specialists in Sports Medicine, which focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and immediate management and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

Company: Greenville Otolaryngology
Contact: Office Manager
Phone: (724) 588-2772

Company: Life Force of Western PA
Contact: Dave/Keith
Phone: (724) 589-0661
Notes: 35 6th Avenue, Emergency and non-emergency transportation services

Company: Momentum Therapeutics
Contact: Frank
Phone: (724) 588-3330
Web Address:
Notes: 41 6th Avenue, See website for more details

Company: Snyder & Dugan
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-7260
Notes: 1 Greenville Orthopedic Center - Ste. 2, Hadley Road Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Company: UPMC Horizon Neurology
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-6660
Notes: 109 Woodfield Drive, Ste 103

Company: UPMC Horizon Surgical Assoc.
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-6660
Notes: 109 Woodfield Drive, Ste 103

Company: UPMC Horizon Wellness Center
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-3001

Company: Whitecliff Nursing Home
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-8090
Notes: 110 Fredonia Road
Company: Gerald R Fry Company
Contact: Brian and Kimberly Scott
Phone: (724) 588-8940
Notes: 170 Hadley Road

Company: Greenlee's Holiday Manor Apartments
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-7294
Notes: 508 Methodist Road

Company: Hempfield Apartments
Contact: Debbie Shook
Title: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-0137

Company: Hollywood Apartments
Contact: Jay and Susie Dart
Phone: (724) 475-2713

Company: Zawistowski Apartments
Contact: Vincent Zawistowski
Phone: (724) 588-6827
Company: Greenville Comfort Systems
Contact: JR
Phone: (724) 588-8545
Web Address:
Notes: See website or call for specials and more details on Trane and Lennox Products
Company: Hadley Road Laundromat
Contact: Lee Morgan
Title: Owner
Company: Canadian National/B&LE RR
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 589-3540
Notes: 85 Ohl Street

Company: Clinch-Tite Corp.
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 376-7315
Notes: 71 Hamburg Road. Offices at 5264 Lake Street, Sandy Lake, PA

Company: Hodge Foundry
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-4100
Web Address:
Notes: In March of 2008, Elyria Foundry Company LLC and Hodge Foundry Incorporated merged, to become a dominant supplier of complex, gray and ductile iron to the world casting market. This merger provides our customers with increased flexibility in regard to size, complexity, delivery and engineering expertise. Our core values continue to focus on world class quality and exceptional customer service. Today Hodge Foundry and Elyria Foundry are world-class, ISO 9000-1:2000 [“eye-so nine thousand one two thousand”] – certified manufacturing facilities specializing in the production of some of the largest and most complex engineered castings on earth. The Hodge and Elyria Foundries are two of only a handful of foundries in the United States that can pour a range of highly engineered gray and ductile iron castings, from as small as 50 pounds to as much as 200,000 pounds.

Company: NorthEast Industrial Manufacturing
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-7711
Web Address:
Notes: 640 Keystone Road, See website for more details, Toll Free phone number: 1-800-879-6464

Company: Open Signs Inc.
Contact: Tom
Phone: (724) 588-0710
Web Address:
Notes: 201 Hadley Road, See website for more details

Company: Precision Pattern & Woodworking
Contact: Bob
Phone: (724) 588-2224
Notes: 303 Methodist Road, Industrial Pattern Shop.
Company: The Herald
Contact: Monica Pryts
Title: Staff Writer
Phone: (724) 981-6100
Web Address:

Company: The Record Argus
Contact: Bob Gargasz
Phone: (724) 588-5000
Web Address:
Notes: The paper is published daily, except Sundays.
 Notary/Title Service
Company: Notary & Titling Services of Greenville
Contact: Hope Gafner
Phone: (724) 589-5220
Notes: Monday - Friday 9 AM to 6 PM; Saturday 8 AM to noon
 Plumbing & Wiring
Company: Fulton Plumbing & Wiring
Contact: Bernie Fulton
Phone: (724) 588-1715
Notes: 570 Mercer Road
 Real Estate
Company: Northwood Realty Services
Contact: Anne McCann-Wansor
Phone: (724) 588-1810
Web Address:
Notes: See website for listings in the area
Company: Stull's Refrigeration
Contact: Dan Paxton
Phone: (724) 588-4760
Notes: 27 Quarry Hill Road
Company: Aaron Rents
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-5850
Notes: 44 Hadley Road

Company: Eckstrom's Rent-A-Space
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-2209
Notes: 317 Hadley Road
Company: Bent Fork
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-3388
Notes: 35 6th Avenue

Company: China Gourmet
Contact: Xu Chen
Phone: (724) 589-5876
Notes: 43 Williamson Road, Suite #5

Company: Cianci's Restaurant
Contact: Cam Cianci
Title: Owner
Phone: (724) 588-9120
Web Address:
Discount: Visit site for coupons.
Notes: In business since 1950, we serve and have served the Greenville area with delicious food, a fun lounge, and a comfortable motel with newly updated rooms.

Company: Dairy Queen
Contact: Pat
Title: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-1610
Web Address:

Company: Hilltop Restaurant
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-8860
Notes: 25 Conneaut Lake Road

Company: King Buffet
Contact: Rong Ye
Title: Owner
Phone: (724) 588-1288
Notes: 98 Hadley Road, Greenville Plaza East, Suite 13

Company: McDonald's
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-3751
Notes: 63 Hadley Road

Company: Perkins Family Restaurant
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-4551
Notes: 100 Hadley Road

Company: Pizza Hut
Contact: Jen or Mary
Phone: (724) 588-4442
Web Address:
Notes: 26 Hadley Road

Company: Rosie's at Station One
Contact: Rosie & Bill Brest
Phone: (724) 588-1517
Notes: Open Thursday through Sunday, 10:30 A.M. to 8 P.M. Also booking small parties.

Company: Stone Arch Restaurant
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-1550
Notes: 36 Hadley Road, Great Food!

Company: Subway
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-0777
Web Address:
Notes: 47 Hadley Road and also located inside Wal-Mart at 45 Williamson Road

Company: Taco Bell
Contact: Mary McDonald/Danielle Steele
Phone: (724) 588-2221
Notes: 27 Williamson Road

Company: The Gallery Grille
Contact: Pam Weyers
Title: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-5030
Web Address:
Notes: Completely renovated restaurant and full-service bar open to the public for lunch and dinner. Casual atmosphere with a beautiful view of The Greens.

Company: Wendy's
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-1801
Web Address:
Notes: 43 Hadley Road
Company: Aarron's Rentals
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-5850
Web Address:

Company: Aldi's
Contact: Manager
Web Address:
Notes: 33 Williamson Road

Company: Auto Zone
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-2133
Web Address:
Notes: 15 Hadley Road

Company: Big Lots
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 589-0485
Web Address:
Notes: Hadley Road, Greenville Plaza East

Company: Campbell-Peterson Trail & Turf
Contact: Brian Peterson
Phone: (724) 588-4533
Web Address:
Notes: 220 Hadley Road, Campbell-Peterson Trail & Turf is your one stop shop for all your lawn, garden, and recreation power needs. As you can see we handle a wide variety of products. So whether you are a homeowner or a commercial business we have the equipment to get the job done. When the job is done we have the toys to let you play. We are proud to feature snowmobiles and ATV products by Arctic Cat. We offer the area's best factory authorized service parts and accessories to keep you working and playing. Stop in today and see for yourself.

Company: Country Fair, Inc.
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-7626
Web Address:
Notes: 14 Hadley Road, see website for more information

Company: Dollar Tree
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 589-5165
Web Address:
Notes: 43 Williamson Road,#6, See website for details/specials

Company: Driftwood Gallery & Framing
Contact: Larry
Title: Owner
Phone: (724) 588-1855
Notes: 59 Bentley Avenue. Beautiful Outdoor/Sportsman Paintings and Framing Service

Company: Giant Eagle
Contact: Store Manager
Phone: (724) 588-4553
Web Address:
Notes: 50 Hadley Road, see store or website for weekly specials and more details

Company: Greenville Beverage
Contact: Jim Loughan
Title: Owner
Phone: (724) 588-5170
Web Address:
Notes: 40 Hadley Road, see website for more details

Company: Kidd's Jewelry
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-7765
Notes: 98 Hadley Road, Greenville Plaza West, Suite #6

Company: O'Reilly Auto Parts
Contact: Brian Swarner
Title: Manager
Phone: (724) 373-1001
Web Address:
Notes: 20 Hadley Road

Company: O'Reilly Auto Parts, #5004
Contact: Travis Wilson
Phone: (724) 373-1001
Web Address:
Notes: 20 Hadley Road. Monday-Saturday, 7:30 AM - 9 PM; Sunday-9 AM - 8 PM

Company: Oakes & McClelland Co.
Contact: David
Phone: (724) 588-6400
Web Address:
Notes: 40 Conneaut Lake Road,See website for more details

Company: Packard Paint
Contact: Joe
Phone: (724) 588-6640
Notes: 303 Mercer Road. Stop by and see Joe for your paint and wallpaper needs

Company: Peebles Department Store
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-2632
Web Address:
Notes: 25 Williamson Road, Suite 105

Company: State Farm Insurance
Contact: David Kwiat
Phone: (724) 588-2155
Notes: 208 Hadley Road

Company: Tractor Supply
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-0824
Web Address:
Notes: 25 Williamson Road, Suite 10

Company: Veado's MiniMart
Contact: Ron
Phone: (724) 588-6461
Notes: 181 Hadley Road, great deli!!

Company: Wal-Mart
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 589-0211
Web Address:
Notes: 45 Williamson Road
Company: Amy Hairstyling
Contact: Amy Eells
Phone: (724) 588-9497
Notes: 309 Mercer Road

Company: Hair Mechanic & Nails, LLC
Contact: Jessica Grinnell
Phone: (724) 588-2008
Web Address:
Notes: 130 College Avenue, Greenville. On-line scheduling available. Sponsoring spaghetti dinner for Greenville Midget Football on June 7, 2015 at Hempfield Township Volunteer Fire Department!

Company: SmartStyle Family Hair Salon
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 589-0440
Web Address:
Notes: 45 Williamson Road, Located inside Wal-Mart

Company: Stacey's Style Salon
Contact: Stacey Owen
Phone: (724) 588-3126
Notes: 166 College Avenue. By appointment.

Company: Unique Family Hair Care
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 589-0603
Notes: 98 Hadley Road, Greenville Plaza West, Suite 5
Company: Greenville VFW Post 3374
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 588-9891
Notes: 54 Conneaut Lake Road
Company: Reeves Info Tech
Contact: Lori Reeves
Title: President
Phone: (724) 589-5450
Web Address:
Notes: Specializing in technology sales, training, support and website design.
Company: Canadian National/B&LE Railroad Co.
Contact: Manager
Phone: (724) 589-3540
Notes: 85 Ohl Street

Company: Frye Inc.
Contact: Jay Frye
Phone: (724) 588-3788
Notes: School transportation. 45 Frye Road

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Board of Supervisors Monthly Meetings
Posted: 6/27/2017
Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 P.M. at the Township Building, 278 South Mercer Street, Greenville...
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Posted: 8/2/2016
The Annual Hempfield Township Clean Up Day for our residents is the first Saturday in May each year at the Hempfield Township Building from 6:30 A.M. until no...
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Hempfield Township Municipal Authority
Posted: 8/2/2016
The Hempfield Township Municipal Authority meets in February, April, June, August, October and December on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of the month at the Township Building ...
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Holiday Closings
Posted: 8/2/2016
The Township offices will be closed as follows: July 4th- Holiday; Labor Day - September 4; Election Day - November 7; Thanksgiving Holiday - November 23 & ...
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Real Estate Tax Collection
Posted: 8/2/2016
William Blatt, Hempfield Township Real Estate and Per Capita Tax Collector, is in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.&nb...
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