Permits & Forms
Permits and Forms
Hempfield Township, Mercer County, has adopted the International Construction Code as adopted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Act 45, and effective February 3, 2004.   
Building permit packets (including zoning permit applications) for commercial and residential properties may be downloaded or are available at the Township Building.    When preparing your application, please print legibly. 
Once your permit is received, it shall be your responsibility to request inspections and insure that the inspection is approved before continuing the project.  The required inspections are attached to the building permit when issued.  When calling for inspections, provide the permit number, job site address, permit applicant's name, and type of inspection.  Requests for inspection must be at least 24 hours in advance, and your job site must be accessible to the inspector from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. the day of the inspection.  To request an inspection, please call 724-927-2020.  Please remember that no structure may be occupied or used until final inspection has been made and the certificate of occupancy is issued if required.  Zoning questions may be directed to John Bost, Zoning Administrator, at 724-456-0779. 
Electric inspections for new, remodel and reconnection are required and applications may be downloaded or may be obtained at the Township office.
Sewer lateral inspections are required prior to selling or conveying a property.  Applications are available at the Township building or may be downloaded.
Use and occupancy permits are required prior to occupancy of any commercial property.  Applications may be downloaded and are also available at the Township building.
Yard Sale permit applications are available at the Township building or may be downloaded.  You may call to obtain a copy of the yard sale regulations.  There is no charge.

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Commercial Bldg Permit Packet
Residential Bldg Permit Packet
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Electric Permit Application-Residential
Inspector Fee Schedule
This is the fee schedule for the UCC inspector.  Township Administrative and State fees are additional./uploads/170119125133_0001.pdf
Landlord/Tenant Form
Sewer Lateral Inspection Application
Swimming Pool-Spa Ordinance
Use and Occupancy Permit Application-Commercial
Yard Sale Permit Application
Zoning Permit Application
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